Una Baptist Church
Saturday, February 17, 2018

Sunday Bible Study


On Sunday mornings at 9:30 am, there is a place for you at Una Baptist Church!


Preschool and 5 Yr-olds Classes

Classes for all children who have not entered first grade
Location:   Level 2 (Preschool/Childcare/Gym level)
Babies, 1's and 2's                  RM 107
3's, 4's and 5 yr-olds               RM 104 


Childrens Classes

Classes for all children in the 1st thru 6th grades
Location:   Level 3 (Gym Basement)
1st/2nd/3rd Grade              RM 013 & 014 
4th/5th/6th   Grade             RM 016 & 017 


Youth Department

Classes for all teenagers in 7th thru 12th grade
Location:   Level 3 (Gym Basement)
Assembly/large group Room        RM 009 & 010
Breakout/small group Rooms        RM 001, 002 & 019


Adult Classes

A Bible Study group for College Students and Early Careers (18-25 yr-olds)
Location: Level 3 (gym basement Room 8)
C-4: A Career & Community Class
A Bible Study for Men and Women of various ages
Location:   Level 1  (Choir Rehearsal Room 200) 
Young at Heart Class
Topical bible studies for adults comprised of various ages
Location:   Level 1  (Main Level - Room 5) 

Chenaniah Class

A couple's class for those in 30's and 40's
Location:   Level 1  (Main Level - Room 6)   

Seekers Class

Bible Book studies for men and women in 50's and 60's
Location:  Level 1 (Main Level - Room 3)   

Sonshine Ladies Class

A Ladies Class for women mostly in 50's and 60's
Location:  Level 1 (Main Level - Room 201) 

Alpha Class

Exploring the Bible systematically with couples in 60's and 70's
Location:  Level 1 (Main Level - Room 7)   

Golden Circle (Ladies) 

A Ladies Class for Senior Adult Women
Location:  Level 1 (Main Level - Room 5) 




Bible Study             9:30 AM
Worship                10:30 AM
B.L.A.S.T. for kids  11:00 AM
Sunday Night Focus 6:00 PM


Prayer Mtg/Study     6:00 PM
JAM (for Kids 3yrs-6th) 6:00 PM
Youth "Foundry"       5:45 PM
Choir Practice          7:30 PM

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